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App Controlled Robotic Ball

Welcome to the world of smart toys!

This is an App Controlled Robotic Ball called the Sphero 2.0 and it’s one awesome gadget.

Sphero 2.0 is now much faster, brighter and smarter than the original Sphero ball.

With a max speed of 7 feet per second, you can program it to careen down halls, weave in, out and around chair legs plus it can swim because it’s now waterproof.

Connect your Bluetooth device with the Sphero and control it with your smartphone, Tablet or iPad using the App.

This App controlled robotic ball is ready for ANY adventure. It’s durable, fast, waterproof and pet proof.

Launch it off ramps (2 included in the box), and watch it fly through the air, land on the ground and take off at lightning speeds.

There are also 25 apps which open a whole new world of mobile game play. This could well be the future of gaming!