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6 Best Printers for Quickbooks Checks: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Looking for some information regarding the best printers for QuickBooks checks

Before heading further we first must understand what QuickBooks is? QuickBooks is an application that provides accounting-related services to its users. QuickBook is a very vast application and has plenty of benefits. The best thing is that now you don’t need to keep bundles of registers, you can easily store the information on the application where data can’t be lost. However, apart from all other benefits, there is still a need for some papers or checks in the form of hard copy because accountancy is a vast field and you don’t know what you’ll need and when.

To make it easier for you, we have gathered the best printers for you. 

Best Printers for Quickbooks Checks

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1. Hp LaserJet Pro

HP LaserJet Pro M404dw Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer with Double-Sided Printing (W1A56A) with Standard Yield Black Toner Cartridge


Hp LaserJet Pro is an excellent printer for your QuickBooks checks. It uses monochromatic light to produce high-quality documents. Hp has always been made quality products, especially when it comes to printers and laptops.

If you are a manager of a company and several vendors work under your command, and you have a bundle of papers to print daily, Hp LaserJet Pro is the best option you have. Hp LaserJet can produce QuickBook checks at a pace of 40 pages per minute.

Apart from making high-quality documents, Hp LaserJet ensures absolute power saving for you and saves up to 18% of your energy. When it comes to connectivity, it supports wifi and has the option of cloud connectivity, so no, you won’t waste your time while transferring data from your phone to your laptop and then to your printer; you can simply get your checks printed easily and quickly.

When it comes to appearance, there is no match for this elegant printer. The shining silver texture and its classic design are remarkable. You can even keep it as a decoration piece in your home. So, what do you wish for more than having a printer that fulfills all your needs and saves the power of your house?

This printer has been ranked as the best product made by the company so far. We are looking for the best Printer for QuickBooks checks, so an ideal one should satisfy all the features mentioned above. In short, Hp laserJet Pro has all the features you would wish in your perfect printer. Furthermore, it is only a one-time purchase. Once bought, it will serve you for the rest of your life.

Below we have given some of the pros and cons of Hp LaserJet Pro to make it easy for you to choose the right product:


  • High-Quality Checks Production
  • A marvelous printing speed of 40 pages per minute
  • Save household power
  • Ensures complete security of the document


  • A little bit expensive
  • Poor photo output (for pages only)

2. Dell Max Resolution Color Laser printer

Dell (C1760NW) Color Laser Printer Max Resolution (B&W) 600 dpi and (Color) 600 dpi Plain Paper Print



When it comes to the best companies that make printers, Dell is indeed ranked as their best. For the past two to three decades, Dell has been producing a masterpiece. As the name suggests, Dell’s max resolution Color laser printer uses the laser to produce high-quality documents.

As we are looking for the best product for QuickBook Checks, Dell Max Resolution has everything you need. You must keep a thing in mind that there would be no compromise on quality, even if we have to pay something extra, we must get the product that has all the features we are looking for to print our QuickBooks Checks.

Let’s talk about some of its features. The output of this printer is 600 dots per inch resolution. If you know even the A.B.C of the printers, you would see the importance of the resolution. Dell Max Resolution Color Laser printer supports about 30,000 pages per month and about 12 prints per minute. It’s simply remarkable.

The thing I like the most About this printer is that it produces fine-edged and sharp-finished documents. Talking about the connectivity options, it supports USB, LAN, and Wifi. It’s pretty important as you cannot transfer all the files from your mobile phone to the computer and then to the printer, it’s not easy. With plenty of connectivity options, you can quickly transfer the file you want to print from your mobile to the printer and print it without any difficulty.

Another fabulous feature we must mention here is that it is windows ten compatible. Have you ever heard of a printer having a windows 10? When it comes to saving power, the Dell max printer is also precious for this purpose. 


  • Plenty of connectivity options
  • Tray for 50-sheets
  • Certified by Energy Star


  • Only compatible with windows 10

3. Hp Envy 6055e

HP ENVY 6055e All-in-One Wireless Color Printer, with bonus 6 months free Instant Ink with HP+ (223N1A)


You might have seen different Hp Printers but I can assure you that you wouldn’t have seen something like this. If you have a household business or a small business, this printer is your ultimate need. It is not much expensive but contains everything you would look for in your ideal printer.

Let’s not forget we are looking for the best printer for QuickBooks checks. Hp Envy 6055e has everything you would wish in your printer and is compatible with QuickBooks Checks. It’s a relatively new printer, but looking at the response from the public, it seems that this printer would break all the records of the previous ones. Hp Envy 6055e has more than 2000 reviews on Amazon. 

The reason for such an excellent rating is mainly its design. It has an elegant design and a shiny silver color. It’s pretty different from its rivals in design and features. That’s what makes it unique and fascinating. Another fascinating thing about it is that if you buy today, you’ll get six months free of extra ink and an extra year of warranty from Hp.

Unlike other printers, Hp Envy 6055e also has an application. You can download it on your phone and operate it whenever you like, wherever you are, by just using your mobile phone. Furthermore, this printer automatically detects any connectivity issues and resolves them to prevent interruptions. Another essential feature is that it provides you a 2-sided and borderless printing, and as we are looking for a printer to print checks, including border would definitely benefit us. 


  • 2-sided printing
  • Auto-detection of connectivity issues
  • Economical pricing


  • No LCD screen or control panel for status information
  • No automatic detection of feeder

4. Hp OfficeJet Pro 8024e

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e Wireless Color All-in-One Printer with bonus 6 free months Instant Ink with HP+ (1K7K3A)


When we are talking about the best printers for printing checks, how can we forger HP OfficeJet Pro 8024e. OfficeJet Pro 8042 is a professional printer for households as well for printing reports, brochures, checks, and much more. The quality of the documents it produces as outputs are simply amazing. Like the previous one, Hp Officejet pro also provides a 2-sided printing option.

Furthermore, Hp Officejet Pro makes high-quality documents with fast color printing. Hp OfficeJet Pro allows you to print the first 20 pages per minute. When It comes to the connectivity options Hp OfficeJet has wifi connectivity along with the USB and Bluetooth options.

Now you can print any document, whenever you want, wherever you want, just by using your mobile phone. Hp OfficeJet Pro has everything you would wish in your ideal printer. From connectivity options to paper type and hardware, Hp Officejet satisfies all the requirements of QuickBooks checks. 


  • Fast print speed
  • Easily accessible from phone
  • Dual Wifi Band


  • Low yield of black page

5. Canon TR8620

Canon TR8620 All-In-One Printer For Home Office | Copier |Scanner| Fax |Auto Document Feeder | Photo and Document Printing | Airprint (R) and Android Printing, Black

Canon TR8620 is an all-in-one printer for the home as well as for the office. It has plenty of connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wifi and Ethernet, etc. Furthermore, it also has an auto document feeder and can be set up with smartphones and tablets. Due to all these features, Canon TR8620 has been ranked fifth in our list of top 5 best printers for QuickBooks checks. It has a 4.3 touchscreen and prints at a pace of 20 sheets per minute.

Canon TR8620 has more of a classic design if we talk about the design, it looks like it’s an old model. Apart from appearance, this printer is the best option for you.


  • Plenty of Connectivity Options
  • Compatible with PCs and Laptops
  • Auto-Duplex


  • Poor Black page yield
  • Slow print speed

6. Brother Compact Laser printer

Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser Printer, Monochrome, Wireless Connectivity, Two-Sided Printing, Mobile Device Printing, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready

Another fabulous printer in this regard is the Brother compact laser printer. Laser printers have always been the best. The good thing about this printer is that it has a very small size. It can be fitted wherever you want and you don’t really need to get a massive space to place it. Its prints are just remarkable, in fact, it has a resolution of 2400 by 600 dpi.

Apart from this great resolution, this printer also provides a print speed of 27 pages per minute. Another important feature of this printer is that it offers a duplex feature. The duplex feature allows automatic printing on both sides of the paper to save paper just like that of a duplex. Here, let’s talk about the connectivity options. Brother compact laser printer has wireless connectivity options involving a USB option to print from a computer.

The Wireless connectivity allows mobile printing with any software that is compatible with your device. Another important thing that you must note while buying your printer is the capacity of the tray that holds the paper. You might not consider it but it matters a lot especially if you need it for a company where you have to print more than 500 checks a day.

Fitted with an adjustable tray, the brother compact printer has a holding capacity of 250 legal size papers. The LCD screen provides the finishing touch to the appearance of the printer. Apart from appearance, the LCD screen makes the navigation and the selection options a matter of seconds. It also helps the users with the connectivity options.

There is a wide range of connectivity options available like windows, phone, blackberry, android, and fire. The auto-printing option allows you to print hundreds of checks automatically. So, now you just have to give the instructions, the rest is on the printer. This printer has a total of 21 printing options which allows you to print your checks with as little effort and in as little time as possible. Now, you can easily print your checks with your mobile phone without actually being there.  It’s a laser printer but its working is more like an inkjet printer. 


  • Durable and reliable
  • Economical pricing
  • Plenty of connectivity options


  • A bit noisy

best printer for quickbooks checks buying guide

Features to Consider Before Buying Printer for QuickBooks Checks: Buying Guide

There are certain things that you need to understand, the things to look for in the ideal printer. Let’s take a look at the most important features which you need to take a look at before making your final decision.  

Compatibility with Software

It is important to consider the printer that you will be using when printing checks. It may seem like an insignificant detail, but many people neglect this factor and just focus on price or features instead of compatibility with software programs. To avoid an unpleasant experience, make sure the software you plan to use for printing checks is compatible with your printer.

Printer type

If you need to print checks and office work, a laser printer is the best choice. They’re faster, have a lower cost per page than inkjet-based models. If you’re looking for a way to print high-resolution graphics, an inkjet printer is your best bet.

Efficiency and Connectivity

The quality and compatibility of a printer are vital to any business for printing checks. They help you print from your smartphone or laptop without having to be close by to the printer. This makes printing checks more efficient.

There’s a wide range of connectivity features on printers, from USB connections to connect it with your computer or an Ethernet cable. You can also go wireless if that suits you better- there are WIFI direct and NFC options available too. Cloud printing, tablets, and even smartphones as well will work for some models. However, not all have this functionality.

When buying a printer, you might be able to use it wirelessly. But in this day and age, you need to think about security. There is the potential for someone hacking into your printer and getting your money. So pay attention when you buy the printer and make sure that it has good security features.

Printer Size

A printer that comes with a compact size is crucial for your business to run smoothly. The lightweight machine can be carried around easily and does the job effortlessly, unlike larger ones which take up more room. However, larger printers have advantages like bigger and more efficient cartridges. The space that a large printer takes up when the trays are open needs to be taken into consideration.

Customer Support

To have a printer work for a long time, you need to have good customer service. The company that made the printer is important. When there are problems with your printer, you will need to get help right away so it does not cost your business time and money when the printer is not working. We recommend thoroughly checking the quality and customer support conditions of a product before buying it.

Paper Trays

There are a variety of different paper sizes and types that can be found in large laser printers, with each tray holding an appropriate amount for printing. One special type is the bypass tray which allows you to feed thicker materials without any folding- it’s especially useful when printing cards.

Printing Speed

If you want to print checks, you need to know how fast the printer will print. Monochrome printers are faster than color printers. High-speed laser printers can print up to 20-40 pages per minute without any problems. 

You can find information about the printing speed on the internet if it is not provided by the manufacturer. Printing speed will also depend on what you are printing, so for instance it will be slower when you print images. 

Prints per toner cartridge

The information about the number of prints per cartridge is just an estimate. That’s because it isn’t possible to know exactly how many pages you can print per cartridge. But you can use this information to choose a toner for your printer that won’t require replacing often.

Duty Cycle

The maximum number of prints that a printer can have in one month is the manufacturer’s recommendation. If you do more than that, it may cause damage to the printer over time. So we recommend buying a printer with a high duty cycle. The best printers for printing checks usually have high numbers for their duty cycle.

Additional Features

All-in-one printers are handy because they have scanning and fax built-in. However, these printers are usually more expensive because they cost more for the extra features. If you know that you will not need to scan or fax anything, then it is better to get a printer with only the features you need. Then you would not be wasting money on things that you do not need.

Other features such as an LCD screen, slots for USB sticks, memory cards, and other storage media to print without a computer. If you are in a busy office environment, having an automatic document feeder can help. It allows you to scan, copy or fax many documents quickly.


When a printer is blasting out noise, it can be difficult to hear yourself think. Luckily there are printers designed with sound reduction or quiet mode allowing for a more peaceful work environment. In order to find these products, you can look up what they’re claiming from online reviews and see if there’s any truth behind it or not before investing in one.

Ink Costs

When you buy a printer, it will come with ink or toner cartridges. But the ink will run out after some time and will need to be replaced. Some printers come with high-yield cartridges so they do not need to be replaced as often. If you want to print without changing cartridges, then you should go with the thermal option. But remember that these machines are only good for printing basic things like checks and receipts.

Security Features to Consider when Printing Checks

Printing checks is a good thing, but you need to have security when doing it. Here are some important security features when printing checks.

  • Correct Software

You need to be sure that the check printing software you choose for your printer is safe and secure. Choose a software that has very strict security requirements and only let people with permission use it. This will help reduce fraud cases. Some printing software also has a report that lists all of the transactions. This helps you know if any checks were mistakenly printed.

  • Printer Security

Besides software security, you can also make it difficult for people to use your printer. You can do this by making a strong password that only authorized users to know about. You can also lock the paper tray so it is hard for people to get access to your checks while you are away.

  • Ink Security

Ink Security is a useful security feature that comes in modern check printers. The ink that is used to print checks comes with advanced features that make it hard for anyone to copy. If someone tries to use the printer for printing fake checks, they will not be able to copy the ink. In addition, modern printers have advanced ink technology like reactive inks and ultraviolet-sensitive inks that are difficult to copy.

  • Other Security Features

You can use different ways to make sure that your checks are not copied. One way is with an embossing pattern or a foil stamp. You can also use your company logo or a number that appears on the check, so no one will be able to make fraudulent copies. 


Which printer is good for printing checks?

When you are printing your business checks, there are two ways to do it. There is the inkjet MICR printer and the laser MICR printer. If you have a low check volume, then the inkjet MICR printer might be the better option if it’s just a few checks each month.

Do you need a special printer to print checks?

You can print your own checks on almost any printer. There are some special features that increase the security of these checks, like watermarks and thermochromatic ink. You can also use any home office printer too if you want.

Can any printer use MICR ink?

You must use a laser printer to print checks. You need special cartridges for the printer. They have magnetic particles in these cartridges that a normal toner cartridge does not have.

Do checks still need MICR ink?

You only need the MICR line of a check to be printed in magnetic ink. Anything else on the check does not need to be printed with magnetic ink, such as the date, the payee name, and the amount. 

Can you print checks with Microsoft Office?

If you have Microsoft Office installed that contains Microsoft Accounting, then you can write and print checks through the program. This means that you don’t need to write it by hand.

Why won’t QuickBooks print my check?

If your print test didn’t work, turn the printer off and then back on. Make sure that you load the paper correctly.

Can you use laser checks in an inkjet printer?

Laser paper has a coating that inkjet printers don’t have. The coating makes it hard for inkjet printers to work on laser paper. This can have an effect on the quality of your prints, but it won’t mess up your printer like the inkjet papers would mess up your laser printer.

What’s the difference between inkjet and laser printer paper?

Inkjet printers spray ink onto paper to create images. Inkjet paper is covered with a special coating that makes the images clearer. A laser printer does not use ink, it uses solid toner powder to create images. 


QuickBooks have made it easier for us to manage our businesses without feeling any threat of losing our data. As discussed earlier, some things need to be printed such as checks. For this purpose, we need to get the best possible printers available in the market.

To make it easier for you, we also discussed some of the features we should look for while choosing the right printer. Printers have made it much easier for us to get the hard copy of the document we print on our computer. It’s impressive that we put on some information on the laptop or pc or mobile and get a printout of what we typed.

Printers have solved many problems. Before the development of printers, people used to write by hand, but now the world has evolved with plenty of options for us to choose from. In this article, we have given you the list of the best printers for printing QuickBooks checks.

If you liked this article and are looking for more informative articles like these, please share them with your family and friends and follow our profile. In case of any queries you want to share your experience regarding any of the printers mentioned above, you can comment below. We would love to assist you.