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6 Best Ove Decors Smart Toilet You Can Buy in 2021

Ove manufacturers remained successful in earning a well-known reputation for the production of high-class plumbing fixtures. Whether you look up in bathing tubs, showers, or toilets, you will be amazed by their amazing collection.

A stylish collection and a well manufactured and robust quality of every single product are promising. A great range of shapes and designs are also available for you in their toilets. 

Want to know about some of the top-rated products of the Ove decors smart toilet manufacturers? Then let’s talk about some of our hand-picked products by Ove manufacturers in the range of smart toilets.

All of our selected products have got a storm of positive reviews from the users; thus, we recommend you. Also, some of the frequently asked questions are mentioned at the end. Let’s get started and see what we have got for you. 

1. Ove Decors Yosemite Bidet Toilet Built-in with Tank

Ove Decors Yosemite Bidet Toilet Built-in with Tank Elongated, Automatic Flushing, Heated Seat, Soft Close, ECO Mode with Remote Control


Let us inform you about an excellent production of Ove ceramic toilets, i.e., Yosemite Bidet toilet. A concealed tank is added with this single-piece ceramic toilet.

And the wireless remote control is the best thing that you will come to see in this toilet. Even without a nearby working switch, your remote will work fine. 

The trap way is exceptional in this amazing automatic or smart toilet. You will never get anything bothered after a single investment.

Just look at the adjustable nozzle of this smart toilet; a great quality rear bidet function is additional in this toilet. An exceptional quality lady bidet is also present with multiple spray patterns.

If you want a heated seat, then this seat can furnish you with this feature as well. The pre-functioned settings are the only thing that you have to start with. 

Now you don’t have to worry about your bathroom’s unpleasant smell and then into your bedroom. All thanks to the deodorization function of your smart toilet.

Not only this, but it also contains a four-level dryer that will let you dry your automatic toilet seat after every single usage. 

However, if you are worried about the standard toilets’ hygienic function, then no need to worry anymore because it comes up with the ECO technology that will keep your toilet hygienic in just a single flush.

And what if you get a night-mode light with this amazing toilet? And there you go; this smart toilet has a night-mode light that will help you out in the dark. 


  • Convenient features
  • ECO technology
  • LED light added
  • Wireless remote control


  • Remote may dysfunctional at times 

2. Ove Decors Tuva Bidet Toilet Built-in Tankless Elongated

Ove Decors Tuva Bidet Toilet Built-in Tankless Elongated, Automatic Flushing, Heated Seat, Soft Close, ECO Mode with Remote Control


Want to know about the most effective and hygienic smart toilet of time? Let’s get started and talk about some of the detailed points about the Ove Tuva Bidet toilet.

This smart toilet lets you flush automatically with its unique features. With even touching the flush button, you will get the perfect hygienic toilet just in a minute. 

If you want to get the most convenient and multiple spray patterns, then this seat has got you covered. It comes up with the modernized tankless design, thus becoming the small and modern toilet seat ever.

Plus, there will be no waiting time between the flushing. You will get the seat heated with-in seconds with the ultimate settings of this smart seat. You will get a complete hold of the customized settings of this seat. 

Moreover, the most useful feature of this smart toilet is its eco-friendly nature. It will keep your water safe and will never bother the balance of your resources.

All you have to do is keep your settings within a well-balanced limit. It meets the EPA flushing guidelines, utilizing 20% less water than the standard toilets in flushing mechanisms.  Only a single flush is enough to clear your flush in just a second. 

Your pre-selected settings are the thing that will help you to keep your settings in tone, and you will be able to start your day in a great way. No need to worry about comfort and ease anymore because this toilet seat has got a long back seat that will make your time even more comfortable in every sense.

And the soft closing seat is the perfect mechanism that will never disturb the calm environment by slamming. 


  • Anti slamming seat lid
  • Modernized hygiene
  • Energy efficient
  • Elongated and comfortable seat


  • Replacement parts are hard to find

3. Ove Decors Lena Bidet Toilet Built-in Tank less Elongated

Ove Decors Felix Bidet Toilet Built-in with Tank Elongated, Automatic Flushing, Heated Seat, Soft Close, ECO Mode with Remote Control


If you are looking for an ultra-comfortable seat with well-balanced features, the Ove Lena toilet is the perfect buying option. This tank-less toilet seat is perfect for maintaining your bathroom aesthetics.

A tank less shape means an ultra-slim body that will not take extra space in your bathroom. Multiple ejection spray patterns make a perfect quality hygienic experience overall. 

No waiting time between flush is the main feature that this smart toilet will provide you. So don’t worry about the cleanliness time if you are in a hurry. 

If you want to use your toilet seat in the dark, then the LED light added in the inner construction will make your experience even more worth-it. Plus, if you are a styling enthusiast and want to keep your bathroom interior well-maintained, this smart toilet is a go-to option. 

The heated seat is another amazing feature that will never make you feel uncomfortable on chilly mornings. Just go for the well-balanced customized settings, and you will get a perfectly heated and warm smart toilet seat.

And your comfort will never be compromised all because of the elongated back seat of this ultra-slim and comfortable smart toilet. 

And don’t worry about the uncomfortable slamming sound produced by the lid of your commode; because it now comes up with the ultimate soft closing lid that will close with just a click. Overall this fully functional toilet is the perfect buying option for you. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Heated seat
  • Anti-slamming closing 


  • Remote may stop working 

4. Ove Decors Felix Bidet Toilet Built-in with Tank Elongated

Ove Decors Felix Bidet Toilet Built-in with Tank Elongated, Automatic Flushing, Heated Seat, Soft Close, ECO Mode with Remote Control


Let’s talk about an excellent quality smart toilet that will leave you stunned with its outstanding features. Moving towards the point, let us tell you that this smart toilet is effective enough to keep your life hygienic with the automatic flushing set up and keeping your hands free after every usage.

And guess what you have an option to adjust the spray settings according to your requirement. 

Along with the features, it will also fulfill the requirement for maintaining your bathroom’s aesthetics with its ultra-sleek overall look. Plus, it will not get enough space in your bathroom, but it will hold only a specific space that will look perfectly even.

And the night light; this is the feature that we have found extra attractive in this toilet.

Other than this, the temperature and the water level adjustment is another impressive feature of this smart toilet. You can go for the adjustment of the level of the water to keep this toilet as much economical as possible.

If you don’t want to start your day with a shivering morning, try to opt for this smart toilet that comes with a heated seat and will never let you get cold. 


  • Extra sleek design
  • Comfortable
  • Auto flushing


  • Remote may have issues

5. Ove Decors Goni Bidet Toilet Built-in tank less Elongated

Ove Decors Goni Bidet Toilet Built-in Tankless Elongated, Automatic Flushing, Heated Seat, Soft Close, ECO Mode with Remote Control


Here comes the most attractive smart toilet of the Ove series. Here we will dive into the wonderful features of this seat.

It comes up with an ultra-sleek and slim shape and a white ceramic construction that will attract you at first glance. 

Hands-free warm water will be available at your demand. And most amazingly, a welcoming, warm seat is present in your bathroom in the chilly and cold nights and mornings.

What else you want? Eight levels of water spray adjustments are available that will never disappoint you. 

The construction of this smart toilet is extra welcoming. Just look at the soft closing lid, and you will be amazed at the very first glance. Another essential feature is the wall-mounted remote of this smart flush toilet, which reduces the damage option.

Personalization is another option that this smart toilet supplies you. Plus, the integrated connection between the hot and cold water is another additional option. Overall you can customize it according to you. 


  • Hot water available
  • Hot seat
  • Wall-mounted remote


  • Flushing speed is slow

6. Ove Decors Nova Bidet Toilet Built-in Tank less Elongated

Ove Decors Nova Bidet Toilet Built-in Tankless Elongated, Automatic Flushing, Heated Seat, Soft Close, ECO Mode with Remote Control, White


A bidet toilet is here to make your life comfortable to a great extent with the additional features and extra comfort level associated with it. Not only this, but your hygiene will never get compromised if you have this automatic flushing smart toilet with you.

And the feature that will keep you amazed in this smart toilet is the auto-opening and smart closing feature of this toilet. It will keep your life going comfortable and easier. All thanks to its superb construction and the smooth ceramic touch in the sitting space. 

The fully adjusted remote control is added with this smart toilet to customize the settings according to your ease and comfort. And you can adjust the commode’s pressure level until the level you want to according to your need.

After every usage, you can adjust the auto-cleaning system with your smart toilet that will keep your hands free after every usage. 

An elongated back seat means it will keep you comfortable using it or sit on it. Collectively you can say that this smart toilet will make your life easier.


  • Elongated hygienic back
  • Auto-cleaning
  • Initiative remote control 


  • Replacement parts are hard to get

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Ove toilets any good?

Yes, these toilets are worth-buying. Ove decors provide its customers with the most innovative range of smart toilets. The look will amaze you in every sense, and these toilets are feature-rich that make your life even easier.

A great selection range is present with automatic intelligent and basic features. Plus the prices are also in-range, so overall these toilets are worth-buying. 

Who makes Ove toilets?

Ove decors are the Ove toilets manufacturers they are here to provide you with a great range of smart ceramic toilets. That will never compromise your ease and comfort.

Even the prices are in the range of every buyer. 

How do you flush an Ove toilet?

A flushing key is added at the top of the toilet that you may press on anytime to get your toilet seat clean and sound. But keep in mind that it also has a manual flushing button that you can use.

Just have a look at the right side of the toilet seat. Plus, your pre-adjusted settings will never disappoint. You will get an ultimate clean bowl after every usage. If you want to turn the button ON/OFF, this will make your setting back to pre-adjustment. 

How do you install an Ove smart toilet?

You will need a professional plumber for the installation of the Ove seats. Other than this you will have to read

The manual in detail before the installation of the seat.

Are smart toilets worth the money?

The incredible feature of the smart toilets is their amazing environment-friendly nature. It will not only make your bathroom look swankier and stylish.

Whether you want to get it for remodeling your bathroom or styling it, these toilets will give you accurate results. These toilets are not only stylish and eye-catching, but their features are also enhanced and will make your life easier to a great extent.   

Final Thoughts

For the most luxurious bathroom ever, here we have mentioned some of the top-rated models for you. You can get maximum control over the toilet and make your life easier up to some extent.

A great range of customization is available with these products that make sure to save your resources. We think the perfect and all-rounder product in our range is Ove Decors Yosemite Bidet Toilet Built-in with Tank.

This product has got all of the well-balanced features along with positive customer response. So you can go to get this product with a clear mind on our recommendation.

We hope that we remained successful in helping you get the outstanding Ove Decors Smart toilet for maintaining your bathroom aesthetics.