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5 Best Z-Wave Thermostats in 2021 for Your Smart Home

With time, people are switching to modern technologies that can simplify life like never before. Z-thermostat is a practical device, unlike the conventional one that has made temperature regulation possible from anywhere.

It’s high time to replace the old-fashioned thermostat with Z technology because of several advanced features offering to a user. Today we are delivering a comprehensive guide that consists of everything you were looking for.

To make life easier, it’s essential to install the latest technology at your place. Let’s get into the complete details of the Z-thermostat.

We have short-listed some of the best Z-thermostat to install at your place to deliver the best results.

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1. Stelpro Z-Wave Plus KI STZW402WB+ Thermostat

Stelpro Z-Wave Plus KI STZW402WB+ Thermostat (White) for Electric Baseboards and Convectors


Stelpro is one of the best Z-thermostat that is highly compatible with high voltage consuming heating systems. To install the thermostat you may need tools, and this product has come up with a complete kit to provide installation solutions.

Unlike the conventional thermostats, Stelpro STZW402WB+ has an energy-saving feature that spread out heat equally at your place without consuming extra energy.

This Z-thermostat has come up with two modes, Eco and Comfort. Comfort feature maintains the temperature and climate of the place while eco utilizes sensors to moderate temperature.

You can set the schedule of the thermostat, and it regulates the heat and coolness. It is compatible to work smart things, HomeSeer, Nexia, Vera, and Wink. A user can remotely control this device from anywhere by connecting it to a mobile device or a computer.


  • Compatible with high voltage systems
  • Eco and Comfort mode
  • Remotely controlled by connecting to other devices
  • Elevated climate control through smart sensors


  • You can’t turn off the heat completely

2. RCS Z-Wave Communicating Thermostat (001-01773)


This well-designed Z-thermostat is loaded with features and functions to make operation easy. It has a standard C-wire setup to make installation effortless, and you can schedule it to operate for the next time.

It has two built-in indoor sensors to monitor the temperature throughout your place and maintains the climate. Through an efficient LCD screen, the Z-thermostat can be controlled, and you can customize the settings anytime. 

It is compatible to connect with other devices to operate from anywhere. RCS Z-wave thermostat has six clear buttons to set your thermostat as you want. If you have a c-wire setup, it can be installed immediately in no time.


  • Clean and efficient LCD screen
  • Six buttons to control the whole system
  • Two indoor sensors to maintain the temperature
  • Easy to install and connect with other devices


  • No smart schedule and touch screen

3. TRANE 14942771 Thermostat, Z-Wave

TRANE 14942771 Thermostat, Z-Wave, Works with Alexa


While searching for a budget-friendly Z-wave thermostat, Trane should be your choice to use all the features. It’s a highly-rated model, and a user can control it through voice command.

It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa with digital touch screen control to customize temperature settings anytime. Other than crucial features, this device is smart enough to alert a user when it needs maintenance to enhance the performance.

The whole Trane Z-wave thermostat system is easy to control and programmable for seven days. The touch screen of the device is smart enough to show different settings, from timings to scheduling.


  • Scheduling for 7-days
  • Digital touch screen for customization
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Smart alert to maintain the HVAC system


  • The look of the thermostat may need improvement

4. Smart Thermostat Smart Thermostat


The intuitive controls and smart system of Z-wave thermostat is a big attraction for all the users. It’s a user-friendly device that has come up with three buttons to make operation easier.

The ergonomic and sleek design of the device will give a smart digital look to your place. The robust built-in security system helps to observe the temperature and make intelligent decisions to cut down energy consumption as much as possible.

This smart thermostat by is compatible with mobile devices to connect for controlling from anywhere. It delivers critical temperature alerts and Geo-service automation to a user to keep them safe all the time.

It is highly compatible with the Amazon Alexa voice command to provide ease for a change in settings. It has access to real-time weather data and smart enough to understand the orders.


  • Smart three-button controls
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa voice
  • Temperature alerts and Geo service automation
  • Built-in security system to maintain temperature


  • It has no touch screen, and sensors are available separately

5. 2gig CT100 Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat


It’s a daunting task to get your hands on the best Z-wave thermostat with simple functions and advance security. 2gig has made this problem uncomplicated and has come up with a stunning model CT100 programmable thermostat for your place.

It can work with both C-wire and AA batteries that is a massive relief for the people. CT100 Z-wave programmable thermostat has a scheduling feature to set the limits as you want. 

The bright display is efficient enough to show all the current settings of the device. The design of the thermostat is ultra-slim with seven-day programming and remote control functionality.

It’s an energy-efficient device that makes a big difference in your bills, and it’s compatible with HVAC systems.


  • Programmable device for scheduling
  • Less energy consumption
  • Compatible with HVAC systems
  • Remote control functionality with a bright display


  • No touch screen and can’t work without Z-wave hub

Why Get a Smart Thermostat

The smartness and adjustability of a smart thermostat are the crucial features, why one should own it. This device is intelligent in adjusting the temperature by recognizing patterns and detecting the presence of people.

It’s an appropriate device to have when you are developing a place in a smart home. Without consuming loads of energy, it can provide a maximum number of features and economical to afford.

It delivers strong signals throughout your place without making you sweat from heat or shiver from cold.

Should I Get a Z-Wave or Wi-Fi Thermostat?

There is a slight difference in Z-wave or Wi-Fi thermostat through which you can make a buying decision. The best thing about Z-wave is it’s easy to set up and won’t interfere with your home Wi-Fi signals.

Z-wave thermostat connects with old and new devices without interrupting the connection.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi thermostats may come up with connectivity and interference issues. Z-wave and Wi-Fi thermostat have their benefits, but it depends on your requirements, which one do you want to choose?

Choose the one that suits your needs and can deliver smart features.

Do you already have a Z-Wave hub?

To make Z-wave work smartly, you need a Z-wave hub to witness outstanding performance and compatibility. Z-wave hub will support your device in welcoming voice commands and quick connectivity.

Without installing a certified Z-wave hub, it’s not easy to control the device remotely, and performance will be affected. If you already have a Z-wave hub, then fittings of the Z-thermostat will be a matter of a few minutes.

You can install the device at your place, and connectivity will not be an issue at all. Z-wave hub will form a mesh of signals in your home to prevent network interruption.

Do you want to build a smart home?

None of us wants to go through the complication of operating manual devices that requires time and effort before using them. When it comes to regulating the temperature of your home, nothing is better than a Z-wave thermostat.

It will connect the whole place and converts your residence into a smart home. This device is smart enough to communicate with other devices, and you can always monitor the house while staying away somewhere.

Privacy and Security

The first thing that crosses the mind is the privacy and security policy of any product. While installing any product in the home, ensure it’s keeping your place safe from any dangers and malfunctioning.

Z-wave thermostat has a strict security policy that intelligently adopts the home pattern and presence of people. Z-wave thermostat has come up with several alarms and alerts to give a signal to a user when the temperature needs adjustments.

It also alerts a user when the system is asking for maintenance.

Z-wave thermostat is capable of connecting to different devices directly without breaching data. If you are connecting the thermostat to your phone or computer device, there is no need to worry about the data transfer.

Your activity will remain encrypted, and the device will only control the movement and settings. It can maintain the temperature of your home by improving the overall climate.

None of the areas in your home will be too hot or cold as this device maintains temperature equally. You can have complete control of the device, and it will also eliminate all the dead points at your place.

Z-Wave Thermostat Buying Guide

Z-wave thermostat is a smart device and capable of maintaining the climate by sensing the patterns. The best thing about this device is that you can keep an eye on your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world by controlling the device remotely.

It will also leave a positive impact on your energy bills.

Z-Wave Protocol

Z-wave protocol is a wireless radio frequency that enables controls, communications, and status reading of the device. It helps in supporting the network and give strengths to devices for communication simultaneously.

When planning to buy a Z-wave thermostat, there are few factors you should consider a few factors to get your hands on the best thermostat device.

Factors to Consider

Heat & Cool Systems

While buying a Z-wave thermostat, check if the regulating system of the device is as per standards. It should work with the HVAC system, and compatibility must be on point.


It should be smart enough to provide alerts when maintenance is required or when the device is asking for settings adjustment. A device must alert a user when the temperature hits the critical levels to resolve the issue on time.

Remote Sensors

Z-wave thermostat should have sensors to maintain the temperature of each room separately. Every area of the home has different temperature requirements, and sensors will take care of that.


The connectivity of the device should be on point to ensure remote control from anywhere. The thermostat must be capable of dealing with signal issues and maintain a strong connection with digital devices.


How do I find out if my current automation hub is compatible with z-wave?

Before buying any device, check out the specs of the product on their official website, and you will know about the compatibility of the specific product.

How do I find out if I have other z-wave devices?

Check out the manual of current devices at your home or read reviews about them. You will get to know what device at your place is Z-wave.

How many devices are a Z-wave network suitable for?

It depends on the range of your z-wave network, but commonly, you can connect hundreds of devices to the mesh without worrying about interruptions in between.

Can Z-wave thermostats also monitor the weather?

Some Z-wave thermostats can sense the weather outside, but some of them are programmable. You can make them detect the climate.

Is professional help necessary for installing z-wave thermostats?

To install the Z-wave thermostat, you don’t need professionals to help. You can do it by reading the manual guide as it doesn’t require any complication settings. If you are installing any device for the first time, we recommend asking for a professional’s help.

Final Thoughts

Z-wave thermostat is one of the powerful and digital devices to add to your home for monitoring the weather and climate of the place. We recommend buying the product after going through complete guidance and analyzing which one suits best all your needs.

From the style of a product to other high-end features, the device should serve you in the best ways. The choice of a z-wave thermostat depends on your requirement and area.

This device can make a big difference in your home by regulating the temperature.