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5 Best Video Doorbell Without a Subscription or Monthly Fees!

Everyone keeps their house security as a top priority, and if you want to make it more secure and safe, you must be searching for the best video doorbell without a subscription. 

A video doorbell is no doubt the ideal component to install when you plan to see who is ringing the doorbell. Moreover, the amazing part is they won’t notice your presence while peeking through front doors and windows.

With a perfectly designed video doorbell, you will be able to hide and be alert all the time.

Video doorbells without subscriptions are far more advanced than traditional bells. But with lots of models on the market, it isn’t easy to land on one. Well, no need to worry; we have got your back with our exclusive top five models. 

Our top recommendations

1. Eufy Security Home Security Camera System

eufy Security by Anker eufyCam 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System, 365-Day Battery Life, HD 1080p, IP67 Weatherproof, Night Vision, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, 3-Cam Kit, No Monthly Fee

The eufy Security Camera System offers an incredibly high-quality design and is the top priority of many customers. Moreover, the innovative features and unique built-in quality provides accurate results to users without any worry.

With full HD streaming, it is incredibly versatile to provide high security to your house. 

It offers 1080p record footage and live streaming to provide you a crystal clear view of the entire surrounding and let you know what is happening around the home. Another remarkable feature of this video doorbell is the lack of frequent charging.

That means there is no need to charge the battery repeatedly to get the desirable results. Well, the battery life offers one-year of security charging. 

Once it’s fully charged, you can enjoy 365 days without worrying about the battery ending up. If you can’t spend a hefty amount on buying a video doorbell, then this must be a suitable option for you.

It takes care of your wallet and provides the users a premium experience. Therefore it is a one-time investment with convenience. 

Night vision is something you can’t take your eyes off. During low light situations, the sensor comes with the ability to ensure emphasized streaming and recording, thus letting you know whoever is coming around your house.

Overall, this camera comes with some remarkable weatherproof features to withstand all the harshest outdoor conditions.


  • Record access
  • Live to stream
  • HD resolution
  • Charge one time a year
  • weatherproof


  • Lack easy technical support

2. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Here comes the Ring Video Doorbell Pro with the most unique yet advanced features that will surely not disappoint you in any manner. It is durable yet sturdy and comes with lightweight construction. It is incredibly accessible for users who want an accurate-looking video bell. The powerful 1080p video provides a high-quality vision to users, and there is no doubt about it.

 It not only allows you to see people around your home, but it also allows users to speak and hear to people using any tablet, phone, or echo device. It also involves high privacy characteristics like audio privacy and customizable privacy. It is significantly beneficial to users allowing them to focus on the news relevant to them. 

This video doorbell notifies you whenever it detects any motion customizing the motion zones. Using the ring app, you can check in the entire home at any time with the live view. Moreover, you can set up the app by connecting it to the wifi through the ring app and then mounting it to the desired location. 

Suppose you want constant power to connect the doorbell to an existing one. It doesn’t require a subscription, but if you want a ring protection plan to record the videos and review all that you miss in the last 60 days, it is necessary to opt for a subscription plan. Well, sharing photos and videos is also not available in this without a subscription plan.


  • Compatible with many apps
  • Customizable privacy
  • Sturdy design
  • Convenient usage 


  • A bit expensive 

3. Wifi Video Doorbell Camera

WiFi Video Doorbell Camera, XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera with Chime, 1080P HD, 2-Way Audio, Motion Detection, IP65 Waterproof, Cloud Storage and 32GB SD Card Included

Wifi Video Doorbell Camera is another top-notch product on our list to provide you with a premium experience of securing your home. The doorbell offers high-quality performance and is incredibly easy to use.

With a cordless and effective wireless system, the video doorbell features a 6000mAh battery with rechargeable capacities. 

Moreover, the wifi connection and installation of this video doorbell are totally wireless, providing you an effortless installation experience. There is no need to deal with tangled wires and find an electrician who can install the doorbells for you.

It only takes a few 4 to 5 minutes to set up this without using any complicated tools with incredibly easy-to-use features. 

Besides this, Cloud Edge App will help you operate it quickly. That is a significantly valuable advantage to the user.

With a full HD 1080p clear view, you can use the doorbell for both night and day. The night vision is of high quality, allowing enhanced vision. Moreover, there is an accessible audio talk ensuring reliable conversation along with a wide view. 

It is a unique yet beneficial advantage of using this doorbell as a security system. With a waterproof design, it makes sure that you can use it in all weather conditions without worrying about damage to the video doorbell device.

If you want a durable video doorbell without a subscription, you are in the right spot. It also helps you to protect the home by using the motion detection feature. 


  • Easy installation 
  • Motion detection 
  • Waterproof
  • Effective cordless system
  • Good value for money


  • Motion detection is not much durable

4. Wifi Video Doorbell Camera(Wired)

WiFi Video Doorbell Camera(Wired), Morecam 2K Ultra HD Camera Doorbell with Chime, Doorbell Wiring & Adapter, 2-Way Audio, Work with Alexa & Google hub, Cloud/SD Card Storage(32 GB SD Card Included)

The wifi Video Doorbell Camera is undoubtedly a suitable choice for customers demanding a unique construction along with ever-lasting durability. Moreover, it offers the most accessible option and lots of specifications to the users.

If you talk about installing this video doorbell, it is tremendous yet effortless, providing the user with a reliable experience.

 It will only take your 5 minutes to start working effectively. That means it is incredibly accessible to do this.

Besides this, the doorbell video is capable of supporting 2.4GHz wifi rather than 5GHz. The ultra HD yet crystal clear vision is what users desire the most.

You can use this doorbell during the day and even at night. It will monitor the entire home with HD video and high-quality night vision, thus providing premium security at the door. 

Moreover, the motion detector allows the user to get an alarm message whenever there is a movement around the door. It also provides a view from every angle.

It offers a power supply featuring dual voltage. You can also power the doorbell by the charger provided or even by your old doorbell’s existing wiring.

There is a waterproof feature for protection 24/7; whatever may be the weather condition, it is ideal to use all year. 


  • Enhanced night vision
  • Budget-friendly
  • Dual voltage power supply
  • Ever-lasting durability


  • Installing instructions may be a bit confusing

5. Netatmo Smart Outdoor Security Camera

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Security Camera, WiFi, Integrated Floodlight, Movement Detection, Night Vision, Without Fees, NOC01-US, Black Aluminium

Last on our list is the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Security camera with lots of benefits and innovative features allowing the user to relax inside the home and see whoever is visiting their place. Let us discuss the major features this camera comes with.

The most remarkable feature is that it immediately receives alerts on the mobile. 

Thus it enables you to know what is going on around your house. Moreover, the smart floodlight is incredibly accessible as it switches on whenever unwanted visitors are outside your home.

Custom alert features are allowing you to get the most desired alerts only. It can differentiate between cars, people, and various animals’ telling you only the update you want.

It also provides users with 24/7 footage of what is happening around their house. The vision comes with full HD quality and is clear enough to see what’s going on. There is a storage video option enabling you to store the video and stream it whenever you want to see it. 

Netatmo offers an effortless installation, and you can set up this device anywhere you want, either on the entrance or in your garden, and even anywhere else.  It allows you to choose the part of the events or the garden you want to receive alerts.


  • Free video storage options 
  • Protecting data 
  • Can withstand harshest weathers
  • High-quality night vision


  • Set up time may get a little longer

Factors to consider when buying the best video doorbell without a subscription

Finding the best video doorbell may be a daunting task when you have a stack of top-notch models available on the market. Now, what can you do?

Well, no need to worry! Follow up this guide and get yourself the best doorbell to secure a home to a much greater extent. 

Installation Requirements

For many different video doorbells, it is necessary to have existing wiring for effective function. Make sure to have the necessary hardware before you buy a video doorbell.

Moreover, the wifi connection needs to be vital for working properly. 


The camera is yet another crucial point to consider when buying a video doorbell for you. If the camera is of poor quality, you won’t get a reliable view of what’s happening around your home.

A full HD quality is necessary if you require the most of it, but if you want a normal experience, you can go with some low-budget models. 

Source of Power

Well, it’s all up to you whether you want to buy a doorbell using common wiring or if you want the one featuring charged battery. Suppose you lack the necessary wiring to install a doorbell and go for buying a battery model easily.

Find the most accessible source of power which suits you the best. 


Another necessary thing to consider is the design you should see before buying a video doorbell. Video doorbells offer a variety of designs allowing customers to choose the one which suits them the best.

Motion sensor

The last thing you have to put an eye on is the motion sensor. It is necessary to have a motion sensor to know what’s happening around your home.

Moreover, it would be best if you were careful about what the quality motion sensor provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do video doorbells without subscriptions work?

The video doorbell without subscription connects to a wifi network, and then it alerts you immediately when someone is at the door. It happens when they press the bell button or when the motion sensor senses a movement.

Can you save the doorbell video without a subscription?

Well, you will not get an opportunity to save the video without having a valid subscription. You will only get a chance to view the live events in this package. 

How long are doorbell video saves without subscriptions?

Without a subscription, a video doorbell can save the recording for up to 30 to 60 days. They can be anyone ranging from motion to doorbell press.

Are there any additional fees involved?

Additional fees feature only during subscription when you go out of the plan. You should follow the subscription plan if you want no additional fees.

Do Video Doorbells Work With Other Smart Home Devices?

Some video doorbells offer the chance to connect to home security systems. But if you desire that your video doorbell works with smart home devices, you should find the one that offers IFTTT service.

Video Doorbells vs. Smart Home Security Cameras

Average users opt to buy a video doorbell as it is user-friendly and provides a simple operation. But home security cameras provide more coverage and better quality, thereby improving your vision.

Video doorbells are budget-friendly, whereas home security cameras are a bit expensive. 

Final Thoughts 

Here you go with our best video doorbell without a subscription guide. It will help you in making your doorbell finding journey a much accessible one.

All products on our list are a perfect combination of durable yet sturdy designs and will undoubtedly not disappoint you. But if you are confused about choosing the best one, here is our recommendation. 

The eufy Security wireless Camera is our top choice for providing a premium home security experience and HD vision, whether at day or night.