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5 Best Printers for Vinyl Decals & Stickers – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Vinyl stickers are different from regular ones. They adhere to any clean surface, and they are best used in cars. While there are many vinyl car sticker products that you can buy, they are expensive. 

The solution to this is to buy a vinyl printer of your own. Over time, you may even start your business out of it. But which printer should you buy? 

There are so many printers out there, and they are built for different purposes. What I’m going to do today is to share with you my list of best printers for vinyl decals. In the end, I want you to pick one, so you can start printing as soon as possible.

Best Printers for Vinyl Decals

1. HP ENVY 5055

HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer, HP Instant Ink, Works with Alexa (M2U85A)


The HP Envy 5055 is a 3-in-1 printer. It can scan, print, and make photocopies. This model prints well, and you would save money on ink if you subscribed to their ink distribution program. 

Key features: 

  • Has various connectivity – connect your PC via Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Photo quality – it is great for printing vinyl decals as it can print without borders; it also has sharp printing capabilities
  • Ink delivery – it is part of the HP ink delivery system; order online or subscribe, and you will get a supply of original ink regularly  
  • Has an app – the HP app is downloadable via Android and iOS; you can print directly from social media or from an online storage source

This printer has a wide range of paper support, which is great if you want to print vinyl decals. You can use legal, standard, 8 x 10 inches, and more. It cannot print on envelopes.


  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight
  • Small and compact
  • Great print quality, letters look crisp even on cheap paper
  • Prints double sided quickly and easily


  • Hp monthly printing subscription
  • Can be noisy when printing
  • Not much flexibility on paper sizes and types
  • Single cartridge for all colors

2. Canon TS9120 Wireless Printer

Canon TS9120 Wireless Printer with Scanner and Copier: Mobile and Tablet Printing, with Airprint and Google Cloud Print compatible, Gray


The Canon TS9120 guarantees great printing performance for vinyl decals and stickers. Like the HP Envy, it is a 3-in-1 printer that has scan, print, and copy functionalities. This printer is different in the sense that it uses a 6-ink system, not four. 

Key features:

  • Voice-activated – you can connect the printer with Alexa and issue commands from the assistant. 
  • 6-ink system – this makes the printer produce copies at a faster rate and at a higher level of quality
  • Design – comes in several colors
  • Connectivity – you can connect the printer via Bluetooth; it also has an SD card and ethernet ports 
  • Print speed – it can print 15 pages per minute in monochrome; for colored photos, it can take 32 seconds to print a 4 x 6-inch picture

The printer has two paper input trays, which makes printing jobs easier to manage. It is also easy to set-up, and it is versatile enough to be used in the office or at home. 

All in all, this new printer from Canon gives you bang for your buck. Canon is the way to go if you want to print images, as it is built to do this. By the way, you can also connect your PC via WiFi.


  • Small and compact size
  • Front loading tray holds a good amount of paper,
  • Print quality is very good for both color and black prints
  • Ink is easy to refill
  • Printing with Wi-Fi works seamlessly


  • Can be noisy when printing
  • Touch screen is small and unresponsive at times
  • Installing operating software wasn’t intuitive
  • The price point is high

3. Epson EcoTank ET-2750

Epson EcoTank ET-2750 Wireless Color All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Printer with Scanner, Copier and Ethernet, Regular


This model is one of the best from Epson so far. It is a speedy printer, and yet it does not compromise on the quality of its output.

The thing is that it has a high cost. The ink bottles also cost a lot of money. However, what you get is high-quality printouts; you can sell your decals at a better price. 

Key features:

  • All-in-one – use it to print, scan, and copy. All functions are capable of producing output in color.  
  • Wireless – you can connect your PC via WiFi and USB 
  • Bottled inks – this technology is groundbreaking. Instead of replacing ink cartridges, you merely have to pour ink into the tank. It saves you money because cartridges are expensive.
  • Double-sided – you can print on both sides of the paper without having to turn it around manually. You can also set the printer to do this automatically. 

As far as the design is concerned, I like that the paper tray is concealed behind the printer. In terms of vinyl decal quality, you can choose between a matte and glossy finish.

This is what blew me away. While many printers can do this, the quality of print between Epson and the other brands is different.


  • LCD display screen
  • Includes free ink
  • Compact design
  • Easy navigation settings
  • Ink bottles are cheaper than toners
  • Ink levels are visible
  • Lightweight


  • Cleaning cycles uses up ink
  • Small display screen
  • No USB port
  • No TYPE A to USB cable included
  • Printing is a bit slow

4. Brother VC-500W

Brother VC-500W Versatile Compact Color Label and Photo Printer with Wireless Networking, White, 3.8" x 4.4" x 4.6" (VC500W)



Brother is a brand that challenges the giants. It is a giant now as it stands, making printers of all sorts for different purposes, including commercial ones.

This printer is compact and affordable. It uses the same kind of ink that is also deployed or mini-printers. It is called zero-ink technology or ZINK.

Key features: 

  • Print with no ink – the printer prints with no ink; the way this happens is with an adhesive-backed special kind of paper. It is called the ZINK paper. 
  • Unlimited use – it is versatile enough to print stickers, labels, photos, and vinyl decals. You can use it to print party favors and business projects. 
  • Connectivity – it has WiFi connectivity, and you can do this with either a PC or a mobile device. you can also print directly from your mobile device.

What I like about this printer is that it has a label creator app. It is free, and you can use it to create designs.

Since the app is designed for the printer, you should not worry about borders or design compatibility.

By the way, the Brother VC model is a mini-printer. It is small and is best used for vinyl stickers.

It does not take up too much space like the other models discussed here. If there is one thing you would love about it, you can take it anywhere.


  • Easy to use with mobile app
  • Decent print quality
  • Customizable labels
  • Wireless feature comes in handy
  • Label cartridges are easy to swap out


  • Desktop integration needs improvement
  • Expensive label refills
  • Lack of options on settings
  • Printing speed can be slow

5. HP OfficeJet 5255

HP OfficeJet 5255 Wireless All-in-One Printer, HP Instant Ink, Works with Alexa (M2U75A), Black



We have another product from HP, and this is also an all-in-one printer. As such, you can print, scan, and copy. It is also wireless and can produce high-quality vinyl printouts.

Key features: 

  • Connectivity – works with Bluetooth and WiFi; it also has a USB port where you can connect a wire. You can also send and receive faxes with this printer
  • Feeder – can accommodate 35 pages on the feeder
  • Double-sided – print documents on both sides in one go; no need to waste paper and time to print documents that you can fit in one sheet
  • App – like other modern HP printers today, you can access the printer with the HP Smart App; from here, you can print from your mobile device or straight from your cloud storage.

Unlike Brother, this is not a mini-printer. It has a wide range of support for different types of papers. You can work with 4 x 6 inches, letter sizes, legal sizes, and more.

However, you cannot print on an envelope. 

The product is also affordable compared to other printers. However, you may need to subscribe to the HP ink system.

It is a subscription where you will receive ink cartridges at specific intervals in the year. If you do this, you will save on the cost of ink instead of buying it from a retailer.


  • InstaInk is affordable, 4 months for free* if you sign up within 7 days of purchase
  • Great printing quality 
  • Many printing options
  • Can print in black even running out of color or using only color
  • Quiet printing 
  • Set up on MacBooks is easy


  • Cartridges included only lasts for about 40-50 prints
  • Set up on Windows is complicated
  • App can be glitchy


What to look for when Purchasing Printers For Vinyl Stickers – Buying Guide 

Type of Finish

There are two types of finishes, glossy and matte. The more popular type is the Matte finish which isn’t shiny when placed in direct sunlight; it’s textured with a rough surface texture making them ideal for outdoor areas like billboards or bumper stickers that may get rubbed against elements on occasion.

The two most common finishes for vinyl stickers are matte and glossy. The best printer for vinyl stickers should be able to handle both matte and glossy finishes.

With a matt finish, you can have the best of both worlds. Stickers with this type of finishing are less distracting and will last longer, but not as bright or colorful when placed against sunlight.

Matte finishing is also great for outdoor environments, making it perfect for bumper stickers and vinyl decals.

On the other hand, glossy finishing is perfect for indoor applications because they have a shiny, polished look but aren’t as durable as matte finished stickers. 

Print Format

When you are buying a printer for stickers, you need to know the size of the stickers you will be printing so that you can buy a printer that can handle the right sizes.

Print Quality

To make sure you’re getting the best quality prints, it’s important that your printer has a high resolution. You’ll want to select one with specs tailored towards what media size and print volume is needed for each project or type of output desired, so keep this in mind when looking at different models.

It is important that the model you plan on purchasing can process both vinyl and paper sheets. 

The only difference between vinyl stickers and paper sheets is that vinyl stickers are weather-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use. Paper sticker sheets are cheaper and not resistant to environmental conditions, which makes them ideal for indoor use.

Inkjet & Laser Printers

The best way to get your stickers printed is with an inkjet printer because it produces better quality pictures and has excellent functioning. Laser printers work just as well, but navigation can be difficult and the picture may not turn out as accurate compared to inkjet printers.

Warranty & Price

Make sure that you check the warranty of any potential purchases. Consider printers with great features and priced within your budget.

Keep in mind, cheaper printers would often malfunction after a couple of years of use, and replacing branded ink cartridges gest expensive. So it’s best to invest a bit more into a model that can last long term.


What kind of printer do you need to print on vinyl?

Vinyl is a great material to use for creating stickers and comes in sheet form. You will need an inkjet printer or laser printer to print on vinyl materials. 

What printer is best for making stickers?

A 4-color inkjet printer is usually enough to print stickers with bright colors because the resolution of these printers can produce more than 1200 dpi. If your design requires dynamic ranges and tonal variation, look for a 6 cartridge model or higher.

Can any printer print on vinyl?

Inkjet vinyl can be used with any Epson, HP and Canon inkjet printer. This man-made material has an adhesive backing that is perfect for creating custom stickers or other small items like decals on cars.

How do you print vinyl stickers on inkjet printers?

Print your design from the editing software onto a sheet of vinyl paper. Make sure you are using an inkjet printer to ensure that it accurately outputs colors and quality, but don’t worry because this process is pretty straightforward. Locate on the screen where it says “print”, click once then wait while images are being printed.

Can you use an inkjet printer for printable vinyl?

If you need to print vinyl and letter-sized paper, look for inkjet printers. These machines have a low cost per page because they don’t require special inks, just like printing regular documents.

Is inkjet or laser better for stickers?

Inkjet printers are cheaper to buy, but the ink runs out faster. Laser printers tend to be more expensive initially with their refills, however, they can print a high volume of pages before needing their ink replaced. It comes down to budget and quality of finish when deciding which machine is better for stickers.

Can HP printer print stickers?

HP inkjet or laser printers are designed to print on a variety of paper types, including labels and stickers. Printing labels is much like printing other papers, but you need to make a few adjustments before starting to get the best printing results.


Vinyl decals are great. Instead of buying them, just print them at home. You can also start an online business where you can sell your designs.

Before you start printing in bulk, I suggest that you try different vinyl decal papers.  

Better yet, try one brand and then compare it with another one. Test the print quality on the paper, and then decide which standard paper you will use.