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5 Best Printer for Vehicle Wraps – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Imagine transforming your car into a portable advertisement board so that every time you drive through the city your advertisement would be displayed in splendid, bold lettering to all those driving by. Vehicle wraps do precisely that.

They display your image to a wide range of viewers every time you go out on a drive.

There are multiple benefits to getting a printer for vehicle wraps. First off, they are a financially savvy way of advertising your business.

Since these custom wraps go on your organization’s vehicles, you don’t have to lease space to show your advertisement. The one-time cost of the printer will be easily covered with time as more people become enticed by your customized wraps, and they won’t be able to help themselves from buying from your brand.

Vehicle wraps can spread awareness about your brand or simply give your car a new look. Additionally, with a layer of vinyl over the paint, they enable you to keep your vehicle in great shape all around as the soil and rock hitting your guard will damage the wrap and not the vehicle itself.

Now that we’ve talked about all the benefits of getting a printer for vehicle wraps, it’s time to help you find the best printer for vehicle wraps. With so many options out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, which is why we are here to make things easier for you.

Here is a list of 5 of the best printers for vehicle wraps.

Best Printer for Vehicle Wraps

1. Canon 9856B002AA iPF770


An amazing option for printing your own vehicle wraps is the Canon 9856B002AA. Not only is it perfect for printing it’ll also be useful in multiple other things.

The large-format inkjet style printer has been designed to produce printed media including high-quality graphics and images up to 36-inches in width.

If you’re looking for a good beginner-level large format printer, this is a great printer as it is much cheaper and more dependable than all the other printers out there.

The Canon image 9856B002AA is the printer for your signage and poster requirements. The latest magenta ink and the flawless color profile generate the realistic and impressive image you’re looking for.

This time Cannon has outdone itself when it comes to speed as they have come up with an Economy mode for their printer which can produce an A 1, 23.4” x 33.1” print in a maximum of 28 seconds. The printer also has a sub-ink tank structure that does not compromise on the print quality, by stopping mid-print due to an empty tank, instead it replaces empty ink tanks on the fly.

It also permits you to use up the ink in the tank entirely before replacing it. This feature may seem like a tiny detail but it is very innovative and is guaranteed to save your money in the long run. It also allows you to maximize the performance while producing your desired output using the Media Configuration Tool.

If we analyze the software, the Canon image 9856B002AA iPF770 has a preinstalled user-friendly software solution, ready to use and perfect to meet your printing needs,  Canon’s cloud portal solution, the Direct Print & Share can be downloaded and enables files to be downloaded, uploaded, printed, and shared from about everywhere in the world.

The mobile printing app is also a downloadable image Prograf Print Utility and allows you to use an Apple iPad to print PDFs. You can keep track of the print jobs and their costs using the Accounting Manager software as well as create documents with Word, Excel, or PowerPoint in large formats using the Microsoft Office Print Plugin.

Also included is the Poster Artist Lite poster creation software which has made creating custom signage easier than ever. You can create professional large format prints quickly using this user-friendly software in just four simple steps.

For a small business, the Canon image 9856B002AA is an ideal addition as it is reliable, versatile, and fast along with its ability to print high-quality vehicle wraps. It has the unique ability to create an A1 print in up to 28 seconds and its sub-ink system allows you to use every drop of ink entirely before being replaced. All of these unique features make it the ideal choice.


  • Precision printing
  • Economy print mode
  • Five-Color Dye/Pigment Reactive Ink Set
  • USB 2.0 and Ethernet Connectivity
  • High-speed printing
  • Max Printable Width: 36″
  • PosterArtist Lite Software
  • Sub-ink tank system
  • Status monitor
  • Max Resolution: 2400 x 1200 dpi


  • While affordable, it is still fairly expensive
  • Can’t cut vinyl

Weight: Approximately 139lb

Dimensions: 42 (H) x 51 (W) x 28 (D) 

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

2. USCutter MH 34” Vinyl Cutter Plotter Bundle

Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in Bundle - Sign Making Kit w/Design & Cut Software, Supplies, Tools


The USCutter MH 34” Vinyl Cutter Plotter Bundle is the second-best option on our list of best printers for vehicle wraps. The USCutter MH 34” Vinyl Cutter Plotter is able to cut and print on vinyl which makes it the perfect choice for vehicle wraps as well as numerous other types of signages for your business. This printer is available in a bundle which means you will get five rolls of vinyl and many magnetic blanks along with your printer.

The printer was designed with sturdy industrial-grade ingredients which keep the weight down and ensure that the cutter will not break on the first cut. Additionally, it’s quite durable and will support you for many decades in the future.

The cutter has dynamic and luxurious details and the finishing of the device makes it impossible to ignore. It’s easy to use and works well even for people who are inexperienced in this game. It also allows you to handle bigger cutting tasks with its huge 96 inches cut length and 30 inches cut width.

The plotter also comes with an ingenious design that includes a pen holder and blade holder. This helps you organize your tools neatly and safely. Not just that, you will also receive a superior dual-roller ball-bearing system in the feeding area to allow you to smoothly feed in the vinyl.

Even better, it includes almost anything that you may need for your crafting experiences. It gives you the advantage of not needing to invest in an entirely new set of additional tools, blades, and supplies.

The cutters have a 350g maximum pressure and you will get quick yet accurate cuts all thanks to the modest 39 inches per second cutting speed. The cutting will be instantaneous, giving you more time to concentrate on other parts of your project. You can adjust the pressure and speed according to your preferences.

You don’t need to worry about the medium of your material as this printer will work with heat transfer vinyl, standard vinyl, paint mask, card stock, or paper. Nothing is too difficult for this monster!

In regards to connectivity, the USCutter MH 34in Vinyl Cutter comes with a USB port and a USB cable that allows you to connect it to your PC. To save you the hassle and the cost of looking for a separate design software and to get you up and running, the company offers you a free edition of the Vinyl Master Cut.

This is a user-friendly software that provides you with the tools to edit, create, purchase, and import numerous design options.


  • Can both print and cut vinyl
  • 34-inch size
  • Includes with five rolls of vinyl
  • Durable
  • Adjustable pressure and speed
  • Includes software


  • Not a very good customer service
  • Expensive for repairs and new parts
  • Does not work on Apple or Mac computers
  • Does not support contour cutting

Weight: 50.9 pounds

Dimensions: 42.6 x 16.3 x 13.19 inches

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

3. VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 28 Inch Plotter Cutter Machine

VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 28 inch Vinyl Cutter Machine 720mm Vinyl Printer Cutter Machine LED Fill Light Strip Vinyl Plotter Cutter Machine with Floor Stand Signmaster Software


Another reliable printer for vehicle wraps is the VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 28 Inch Plotter Cutter Machine, a plotter-style printer that can print and cut any vehicle wrap efficiently. The printer also comes in many sizes including 14, 28, 34, and 53 inches which give a wide range of options and you can choose the perfect one according to your requirements. Additionally, this printer is quite stable and also comes with built-in digital control.

The VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 28 Inch Plotter Cutter Machine also comes with a stand and a user-friendly SIGN MASTER and Design software. This permits you to cut customized professional signs and designs, giving you the ability to import custom artwork, use fonts of your choice, and draw your own shapes.

This vinyl cutter has sturdy construction with a lop-lasting stepper motor which provides low noise and high-speed levels. It also includes a maximum Paper Feed of 28″/720mm and a maximum Cutting Width of 24.8″/630mm. The smart vinyl cutter machine has a good reputation due to its sturdy and reliable performance

This unique printer also comes with an offline support control which can be directly programmed by inserting U-Disk. The vinyl machine uses a 16 MB high-speed cache memory and an ARM motherboard which allows you to continue offline cutting for a reasonable amount of time and also provides data storage.

The machine also includes an aluminum knurling stick and two double-spring pinch rollers to make sure that the paper feed does not deviate by long distance.

The plotter cutter machine includes a large control panel and an illuminated LCD screen, along with an adjustable cutting pressure of 10-500g and an adjustable cutting speed of 10-800 mm/s. It is also available with a USB interface and COMPIM for more accuracy control.

The machine supports HP/GL, DM/PL languages and has a system that amounts to a compatible computer (Windows), Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 (32&64), or Pentium processor-based PC. However, one of the drawbacks is that it is not compatible with a Mac system.

The machine includes a very versatile system that allows it to cut decals and stickers, masking film for etching or painting, card stock, scrapbook papers, also including multiple types of T-shirt heat transfer media like a flock, PU vinyl, Magi Cut colored paper, etc.

This feature can transform your creative insights taking them from your mind and turning them into reality with an intuitive and easily customizable interface The main feature included in this is the emergency stop and start feature that helps you to stop cutting and securely restart when you’re ready, which is fairly convenient and secure.

The machine includes a Roland compatible blade holder which gives you access to one of the most economical blades available in the market. Keep in mind that when the machine is running, it isn’t safe to approach the blade because the sharpness of the blade might injure your fingers.


  • It can print and cut onto vinyl
  • Is available in multiple sizes
  • Has a stable design
  • Comes with built-in digital controls


  • Larger sizes take up a lot of floor space

Weight: 45.8 pounds

Dimensions: 39.84 x 16.93 x 13.39 inches

Rating: 4 out of 5

4. UV Printer mt-r180

Uv Printer MT-R180


This printer allows you to print on traditional or flexible media while also taking advantage of a wide range of air suction systems which creates amazing prints which you can work on during any stage without ever worrying about fingerprints or smudging.

The UV Printer MT-R180 is a useful machine that can print both flat materials and flexible, a complete range of air suction systems, has options for both 4 and 5 color printing, intelligent heating system using infrared, speed, and high resolution. This printer also uses professional RIP Photoprint for better efficiency of production.

It enables us to save cost and time spent on the finishing after print. The printer also has an advanced servo control system that uses high precision technology. It comes with a perfect design for the ink system which provides print results in high-quality without any traces of smudge marks or fingerprints left behind.

The printer is quick to set up and also offers great value for money and can be customized depending on your specific requirements. A special positioning system and servo design will enable this printer to print on any type of thickness or size.

By using the incredible Hybrid UV Printer MT-R180, you can bring your ideas to life as much as you want through oversized signage, virtual exhibitions in museums, T-shirts, and space stations. The only thing limiting you is your imagination.

The intelligently controlled infrared heating system allows you to get creative as it quickly dries ink without compromising on the quality. It is also energy efficient, so there is no requirement for any after-print finishing. Your ideas and designs deserve to be seen on everything. From clothing to furniture to packaging vehicles, there are no limits.

The Hybrid UV printer’s capability of printing both efficient and flexible materials solves the problem of rigid materials and roll-to-roll printing in one machine. 4 or 5 Color Hybrid or UV Double 4 Color Printing is optional for the printer.

With the printer’s full range of air-suction equipped in UV hybrid printer rolls, it is now suitable for both flatbed materials and transmission. The intelligent system of infrared heating is very reliable and protects the Hybrid UV Printer.

This UV hybrid printer uses an advanced servo control system, this guarantees the accuracy of printing consistency and position, while also being smoothly transmitted over the lengths of the material.

The hybrid UV printer is equipped with an instant material drying and efficient system which makes it faster to dry materials. The ink system is also designed perfectly to ensure quality and continuity in the UV ink supply.


  • high speed and high resolution
  • rapid production of customized batches
  • support a variety of software and image formats
  • professional Rip photoprint
  • high-speed data processing
  • USB 3.0 transmission interface
  • advanced Belt conveyor device
  • printing thickness of 30mm


  • Long delivery
  • High price

Weight: 1650 pounds

Dimensions: 124.41 x 44.49 x 44.49 inches

5. MT Refretonic Digital Inkjet LED UV Flatbed Printer

MT Refretonic Digital Inkjet LED UV Flatbed Printer Multipurpose for Glass,Metal,Phone Case,Power Bank Printing


This innovative flatbed printer allows you to take your marketing to the next level. You can print a variety of products according to your requirements.

This can then be controlled using a computer. This printer gives you an eco-friendly solution and instead of ink, volatile organic compounds are released into the atmosphere.

This printer utilizes flatbed innovation and is predominantly used for printing on billboards, banners, clothing, tents, or other large digital prints. The printer can work with UV inks which means that the shadings will be brilliant and durable.

Consequently, the printer has the greatest print width of 2.9 m and is perfect for imprinting on extremely enormous flags and announcements. You can also use the printer to print pictures, logos, and notices for different events or expos.

The printer works with LED UV inks that are non-harmful, low-scent, easy to tidy up, and are dissolvable-free. The best part is that you won’t have to deal with any unpleasant smell of fresh prints. Additionally, the printer is economical as it can be used without an exhaust hood, while other printers need ventilation equipment.


  • excellent material compatibility
  • allows mass production with a quality Xaar1201 printhead
  • uses a simple work procedure
  • Object height up to 13 cm
  • High resolution up to 2880dpi
  • Economical and environmental ink
  • does not need any installation
  • has the greatest print width of 2.9m.


  • The printer is not wide enough for the whole car

Weight: 3960 pounds

Dimensions: 4.28m x 2.08m x 1.47m

What Should you Consider Before Getting a Printer for Vehicle Wraps?


The first and most essential thing you should consider when getting a vehicle wrap printer is the size. While physical size is important, it’s not the only thing you need to focus on.

To get a good vehicle wrap, you need to look for a printer that has the capability to handle at least 24-inch sized vinyl. An even better choice would be 36 or 48 inches of vinyl if possible. In the end, your final choice is based on your requirements along with your vehicle’s size.

Most printers come in only one size however some are also available in different sizes. A smaller-sized printer can be more affordable, however, a larger-sized one is better as it can print both smaller and larger-sized wraps and also provides extra versatility. Make sure you do your research and get the one that suits your needs.

Printer vs Plotter

The second thing you need to focus on when looking for a printer for vehicle wraps is the difference between a plotter and a printer. A printer is designed to be able to precisely place ink on any specific material, which works just fine for vehicle wraps, however, a plotter provides you with the ability to both print and cut vinyl (the ideal material for vehicle wraps) at the same time. A plotter’s cutting capability also permits a wider range of customization for your signage.


Most people plan on getting vehicle wraps for their small businesses and if you’re one of them then the cost of the printer is probably a defining factor that will help you choose amongst all these printers. If you want, you can save money in the long run by getting a printer for vehicle wraps, especially if you need these wraps on a regular basis.

However, it does require a large investment upfront and it will take some time to get a return on that. This is why it’s important that while you’re getting the printer, don’t forget to compare the down payment cost and long-term investment before you head out to buy your final choice.

Final thoughts

These are all the printers that we have for you guys today. We hope that this list helps you narrow down all your options so that you can buy the printer that you need.

With that said happy shopping.