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4 Amazing Smart Home Devices That Make Life Easier

Just like the previous year, 2018 is very promising when it comes to sophisticated and very useful smart home technology.

These devices will make your life convenient, provide better security, transform your lifestyle and save energy.

Here are four devices that are guaranteed to peak your interest in smart home devices.


Your garage is one of the most important parts of your home.

However, at the same time, it’s one of the most vulnerable.

Many people have lost valuable items and property to burglars because they gain access through their garage.

With the new chamberlain MyQ garage home automation device, your garage will soon become the safest and most convenient part of your home.

The device allows you to control your garage door from anywhere.

You receive alerts when someone enters and exits your garage and you have the power to allow or disallow such movements.

This device works with most garage door brands on the market and you don’t pay any service charge whatsoever.


If you’re one of those people who have dreamed about actually living in a science-fiction world created in Hollywood, perhaps this is your opportunity.

The budgee robot is a droid personal assistant designed to help you move heavy objects, weighing as much as 50 pounds, from one place to another.

The robot can work outdoors and indoors. It can also move on ramps, sidewalks, and almost anywhere.

When fully charged budgee’s battery last for 10 hours and you can fold it and store in away in a corner or even in the back of your car when not in use.

Could you ever ask for a better assistant?


Even though this device’s name is ‘Netatmo Welcome’ we all know that not everybody is welcomed in our home.

The Netatmo welcome is one of the most promising smart home devices with home camera systems because it is packed with facial recognition features to help secure your home and property.

The device will send you an alert anywhere you are, when someone approaches it.

Through your smartphone, you can control who does and doesn’t get access to your home.

To prevent excessive alerts, you can program your family members or any other persons into the device so you don’t receive alerts on them.


If you are a die-hard fan of the ‘connected home’ ideology then; you’re in for some great stuff.

Staples connect has collaborated with Zonoff to bring you one of the most sophisticated home connect devices on the market.

Staples connect gives you the power to control and connect everything in your home, from your coffeemaker to your light bulbs.

It stands out in competition with other home connection devices like WeMo because it allows you to connect to well-established connected home essentials like the Nest Learning Thermostat.

These smart home devices come in very competitive prices that most people can afford.

Beyond the price, these devices give you peace of mind.

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They are convenient and will help you truly live life in the digital age.